Inside The Mind Of One Of Our Founders: Andrea Brockman

Andrea Brockman, who handles the concept and design details of The Adventures of Lucky books was recently interviewed by your online source for good news and events around Wellington, Florida: Around Wellington.

Click the link to read more: Wellington Moms Bring the Children's Series "The Adventures of Lucky" to Life.

Interview Topics:
    • Tell us about the inspiration for “The True Story of Lucky.”
    • How many books do you anticipate having in the series? 
    • Why is reading a book with your preschoolers so important for parents to do? 
    • Tell us about your background, your Mom’s and your sister’s.
    • And how has it been working together on a project like this?
    • What’s something you love about Wellington?
    • Where are the books available?
    • Tell us about the packaging and the plush toys – that come with each book.
    • Tell us about your family. 
    • Anything else you’d like to add?