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The Adventures of Lucky Founders

The mother-daughter trio behind The Adventures of Lucky®

The Author Barbara Jackson


Barbara Jackson

The Author
noun: the one who brings all of Lucky’s adventures to life through fun, imaginative, and interactive stories

To say I am surprised to be running a business with my daughters and authoring a children’s book series is an understatement! I dabbled with writing in the past, but never pursued it. Instead, I poured all my energy into raising my two daughters, teaching preschoolers, and other creative projects along the way. It took my children, grandchildren, and the exciting idea of Lucky to reinvigorate an old hobby and turn it into a family business. Now, we want to share Lucky and all of his adventures with the world! 

I grew up in Woodbridge, New Jersey and in 1976 I moved to South Florida, which has been my home ever since. I have been married to my wonderful husband for over 40 years. After working in the banking industry for 9 years, we were blessed with two beautiful daughters and I became a stay-at-home mom. When my youngest daughter started school, so did I! Teaching preschool for 22 years, allowed me the privilege of introducing young minds to learning and exploring their creativity.

The infamous family vacation, in which my youngest daughter lost her Lucky, is still vivid in my mind. We were so relieved (for her sake and ours) that he was found! I have always loved reading to my girls, students, and now grandchildren. Bringing stories to life and invigorating their imaginations is truly priceless. In 2014, my oldest daughter had her first child, and shortly after, I retired from teaching to help care for my granddaughter. The Adventures of Lucky® was born that year.

I often refer to life as a book with many chapters, and this chapter is full of fun, excitement, and adventure. I invite you to join Lucky and us to create new and wonderful adventures of your own


The Inspiration Jamie Edelson

Jamie Edelson

The Inspiration
noun: the one who lost, and later found, her favorite stuffed animal, Lucky, as a child, whose story gave rise to this series 

When I was a little girl, Lucky was my favorite stuffed animal. I was devastated when I lost him! Fate brought us back together and all these years later, Lucky has brought my mom, sister, and I even closer, as business partners.

Having my daughter made me quickly realize that being a mother is my most important job. Playing and reading books together is the time I cherish most. The loving place Lucky had in my heart is something I treasured as a child, and I want my daughter and other children to share that special bond with him as well.

I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Management at Florida Atlantic University, and worked in the retail industry for 12 years. My parents’ strong work ethic taught me to always push myself, and I worked my way up through various management positions. In 2014, I married the love of my life, and we had our daughter, Arie, in 2017. Her arrival made me realize that I needed to reset my priorities. I decided to take my career down a different path. I was blessed to get an accounting position, which allowed me to be more present for my family.

Due to my degrees and work history, you could say my knack would be the business side of The Adventures of Lucky®; however, being “The Inspiration” for it is not a title I take lightly. I feel beyond blessed to be joined by two of the most AMAZING role models in my life, my mom and sister, on this adventure. I have always looked up to them and they have been my inspiration. They taught me to set my goals high and overcome adversity, and have helped me become who I am today. I hope my “can-do” attitude, faith, and drive will help inspire others.

The Founder Andrea Brockman


Andrea Brockman

The Founder
noun: the one who reinvented Lucky, and brought together the talents & inspiration of her mother and sister, to embark on this wild adventure

Family is everything to me. I am so blessed to have been raised by two incredibly loving and supportive parents, who have instilled in me a strong work ethic, determination, and drive. It has helped me achieve a wonderful career in medicine and planted the seed for this surprising path as an entrepreneur, bringing our beloved family story of Lucky to life once again.

I grew up in South Florida and was always involved in school, friends, family, and sports. My passion for science, learning, and helping people led me to become a Physician Assistant, but I have always loved tackling creative projects as well. Never could I have imagined that this side passion would lead down this path.  

While in college, I met my amazing husband, and we married in 2010. We always wanted to be parents and were overjoyed to welcome our daughter, Grace, in 2014, followed by her brother, Jack, in 2017. It sure is true that life is never the same once you have children! Especially now, I continue to be more impressed by my own mother. Her love, patience, drive, and kindness shine through in all she does. I strive to be a fraction of the mom and woman she is, and work tirelessly to make her dreams a reality, while trying to set an example for my own children.

NEVER did I expect to be starting my own business, but life has a way of throwing us unexpected curves. One fateful night in 2015, while playing with my daughter, I was struck with an idea. After many excited conversations with my husband and mom, and a sleepless night, The Adventures of Lucky® was born. I am proud to be joined by my mom and sister, and our supportive husbands, families, and friends on this journey. Though each day creates many moments to be grateful for, one of my all-time favorites is snuggling up with my children to read bedtime stories, and now I get to share Lucky with them. The Adventures of Lucky® is our adventure, our future, and part of our family that we want to share with you.


A Special Thank You to Our Wonderful Illustrator

Lisa Bohart

We first discovered Lisa’s beautiful talent through a children’s book author and illustrator website. Instantly, we knew she would be perfect at pulling all of our ideas together and bringing The Adventures of Lucky® to life. She was immediately on board with our project, and helped to develop Lucky into who he is today. We offer Lisa our deepest gratitude for not only her beautiful designs, illustrations, and ideas, but also for her confidence in us throughout this adventure.


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